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Dec 23, 2021

S01E05 The Purpose Podcast: Alex Stewart, Founder of OneNine5

For the final episode of season 1, Alex is answering the questions, asked by journalist and author, Alec Fenn. Alex talks about the ideas to launch OneNine5 and his personal experience recovering from major bowel surgery that encouraged him to take more risks.

Dec 15, 2021

S01E04 The Purpose Podcast: Vince Dickson, Co-Founder of HUNU

It's the penultimate episode of season 1 for The Purpose Podcast. This week's guest is Vince Dickson, Co-Founder of HUNU. Founded in 2020, HUNU made a big splash on Kickstarter with their reusable and collapsible coffee cup.

Dec 4, 2021

S01E03 The Purpose Podcast: John Pritchard, Founder of Pala Eyewear

In episode 3 of the purpose podcast Alex spoke with John Pritchard, Founder of Pala Eyewear. Other than creating awesome sunglasses, there's mission and purpose behind the products. We hear how Pala Eyewear are giving back to fund eye-care projects across Africa.

Nov 23, 2021

5 Best Eco-Lodges For 2022, with OROKO Travel.

We've teamed up with our friends at OROKO Travel to provide you with inspiration and ideas for some ambitious 2022 travel plans. Here's their top 5 eco-lodges from across the world, for you to visit next year.

Nov 10, 2021

S01E02 The Purpose Podcast: Sam Whetton, Founder of Reika Bags

This week’s guest is Sam Whetton, Founder of Reika Bags. We speak to Sam about the three years of dedication to launch the ultimate travel backpack, designing for the planet in the textile industry and launching on Kickstarter.

Nov 3, 2021

S01E01 The Purpose Podcast: Ryan McSorley & Josie Harfield, Founders of Neat.

In the first episode of our newly launched, The Purpose Podcast we catch up with Josie & Ryan, the Founders of Neat. Their plastic-free cleaning products are working wonders to reduce waste at home and challenge those big brands shipping water in their cleaning products.

Oct 29, 2021

Meet Our New 13-Inch Coconut Padded Laptop Sleeve

Our new 13-inch Eco-Conscious Laptop Sleeve is a first of its kind inspired by Mother Nature. Your 13-inch laptop, MacBook or iPad is protected by coconut fibres, a 100% plastic free & natural material. Combined with vegan friendly materials and recycled plastics.

Sep 22, 2021

5 Tips For (The Post Lockdown) Eco-Friendly Traveller

We can travel again! Whether you're planning a relaxing week away or an adventure to a new country, here's 5 top tips to consider for mindful travel that prioritises the planet.

Sep 14, 2021

3 Uses For The Eco Essentials Pouch, Carry Makeup, Tech or Daily Valuables

The Eco Essentials Pouch is your solution to keep valuables and small items, organised on-the-go. Here's our top tips to pack makeup, tech or the daily valuables inside our everyday pouch.

Sep 1, 2021

The OneNine5 story on The Sky News Daily Climate Show

Did you see OneNine5 on the Sky News Daily Climate Show? Have a watch to learn about the story that inspired us to redesign tackle the single-use plastic problem at airports.

Aug 12, 2021

3 Ways To Pack Our Eco Travel Wash Bag This Summer

Dreaming of a Summer getaway? 2021 travel looks different for everyone, fortunately our Eco Toiletry Bag is equally handy for all types of travel. Read on for great tips on how to use and pack your wash bag depending on your Summer travel plans.

Jul 26, 2021

The Life Of A Digital Nomad

Every wondered what it’s like to live as a digital nomad? Or with the latest travel news, you’re looking to find some great deals on places to stay. We caught up with Chris Cerra, digital nomad and owner of Remotebase. 

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