An illustration of female hands refilling a blue OneNine5 silicone bottle in the bathroom. A grey and pink silcone travel bottle are in the background next to a white sink

Our redesigned Silicone Bottles are back (and better)

We've redesigned an old favourite...our Refillable Silicone Travel Bottles.

Are you planning for your next holiday and lacking space in the ever-shrinking hand luggage? Or do you need to lighten the load in your daily gym bag? You can rely on our redesigned, Refillable Silicone Bottles, to carry your favourite toiletries and cosmetics on-the-go.

Listening to all your feedback, here's 5 upgrades we've made, to ensure these the best refillable silicone bottles out there.

1. Labelling your bottles

From all the feedback on our original silicone bottles, this was the most common feedback we heard - you wanted a way to label and identify the toiletries and cosmetics stored inside your refillable silicone bottles. Well good news! Every pack of our redesigned silicone bottles now includes a pre-printed sticky label that you can peel off and apply.

2. Improving the leakproof design of the cap

There are few things worse than starting off a holiday, opening your bag or suitcase to realise that your toiletries have leaked or exploded in transit.

To provide you with peace of mind that our refillable silicone bottles wont leak or explode inside your wash bag (hopefully a OneNine5 wash bag), we've made two improvements.

1. The cap itself has a stronger seal when closed.

2. But more exciting than that, we've added a silicone strap for extra protection and your peace of mind. Once you've refilled the bottle and closed the lid, stretch the silicone strap around the cap. Even the most angry of airport baggage handlers would have a tough job mishandling your luggage and causing our silicone bottles to explode or leak.

A female squeezing the soft silicone OneNine5 blue bottle in the palm of her hand, with the leakproof cap open.

3. Increased volume to 90ml

Another common piece of feedback from your product reviews (because we do read them all), you wanted to be able to store and carry more of your favourite toiletries and cosmetics in our silicone bottles.

With our redesigned bottles, we've increased the volume from 65ml to 90ml per bottle. Whilst they still remain airport compliant for liquids packed in a clear pouch, in your hand luggage.

A woman, in the bathroom, packing 3 grey silicone bottles inside the removable, clear OneNine5 toiletry/ cosmetic bag.

4. A wider neck that's easier to refill

Carrying big chunky toiletry and cosmetic bottles on-the-go is a hassle...but so is trying to refill reusable bottles and containers when they have a narrow neck.

Well I'm pleased to let you know that refilling our redesigned silicone bottles is hassle-free. With a wider neck, it's easier than ever to pump, squeeze and squirt your required toiletries into our bottles.

A female in a bathroom, refilling the pink OneNine5 silicone travel bottle with Aesop body wash, from a pump bottle.

5. Updated Colours

Whilst this last one wont improve on functionality and practicality, we felt it still deserved an honourable mention.

Our redesigned Silicone Travel Bottle have been given a makeover with all new colourways, to match to the colours of our Eco-Conscious Wash Bags.

A blue, pink, and grey silicone travel bottle in the bathroom sink. A white OneNine5 logo is visible on the reusable bottles, and they are being splashed with water from the tap.
The redesigned OneNine5 Silicone Bottles are available in 4 colours, in both a 3-pack and 6-pack.  Buy any 2 packs of our 3-pack Silicone Bottles and save 25% (discount automatically added at checkout).