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Why are you called OneNine5?

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The most common question we are asked and it's more simple than you might think! We founded OneNine5 with a passion to travel and visit a new country and there are 195 countries on planet earth to visit.

Why is your logo a Humpback whale?

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We were inspired to take a positive action by the great man, Sir David Attenborough and Sunday evenings spent watching Blue Planet II. Whales like all marine life are being severely impacted by ocean plastic.

Aside from being incredibly cool animals, whales are global travellers, just like us. Humpback whales can clock up over 16,000 miles (25,000 km) a year on their annual migration.

Where are you located?

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We are a team of four, primarily based in London, UK. Our products are designed in Shoreditch, East London.

Where are your products made?

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Our eco-conscious travel goods are manufactured in China. We have a great relationship with a responsible manufacturer. We pay a fair price to them for our goods, ensuring they provide their staff with the right working conditions and salaries.

Why do you only create unisex products?

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We want to challenge gender stereotypes that exist in the travel goods industry. Your gender shouldn't define your actions and tastes.

When we set out to redesign our eco-conscious wash bag in 2018 we quickly noticed that brown or brown leather wash bags were the common choice for males whilst floral cotton pouches were aimed for females.

What inspired the names of the four colours?

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Each colour is inspired by a beautiful coastal and natural feature.

Havelock Blue - inspired by the beautiful blue waters surrounding a small island that forms part of the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal, India.
Komodo Pink - inspired by the sparkling pink sandy beach you'll discover on Komodo Island, Indonesia.
Miho Black - inspired the long strip of black volcanic sand, on the Miho Peninsula in Japan.
Moeraki Grey - inspired by the Moeraki Boulders at Koekohe Beach on New Zealand's, South Island.



What does eco-conscious mean?

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We refer to our travel goods as ‘eco-conscious’, to prioritise transparency and trust with you. To us, ‘eco-conscious’ says we are not perfect but we promise you that we are trying. We are committed to ensure that OneNine5 positively impacts our planet and the environment.

Want to read more about our environmental sustainability priorities and commitments? Click here.

Are your travel goods vegan friendly?

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Yes! Across our entire range, no animal products are used in any of our materials.

Isn't vegan leather plastic though?

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Yes, you're right! Our outer vegan leather is made from a recyclable polyurethane. After testing we felt it was the most durable and long lasting option.

Fast fashion and the disposable mindset are harming our planet, over consumption is a huge problem. We design our travel goods to be well used (and hopefully well loved) for years to come. We believe you should ‘buy less and buy well’. Purchasing good quality items that last will prevent the need to repurchase and as a result, create less waste.

Want to read more about the materials used in our eco-conscious travel goods? Click here.

What is the 100% recycled plastic lining made from?

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The water repellent lining of all our travel goods is made from recycled polyester, often referred to as rPET and certified by Global Recycled Standard.

This is a great way to reuse plastic from some of the worst contributors like single-use drinks bottles.

Want to read more about the materials used in our eco-conscious travel goods? Click here.

Logo to certify Global Standard Recycled materials

How do you minimise material waste during manufacturing?

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We repurpose off-cuts of textiles and materials, like the zipper pullers of our Eco-Conscious Wash Bags.

We reuse the 100% recycled plastic lining across different products.

We don't launch limited edition colours, we'll launch a new colour if he's here to stay to ensure all material is used.

The coconut fibre padding of our Eco-Conscious Laptop Sleeve is pre-cuts to ensure almost zero waste.

Want to read more about the materials used in our eco-conscious travel goods? Click here.

Is your packaging eco-friendly?

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When it comes to the packaging of our travel goods, we keep things simple to minimise waste. All our packaging is either home compostable, recyclable or made from recycled materials.

Want to read more about the packaging used for our eco-conscious travel goods? Click here.

I've bought your travel goods, how do I safely dispose of the packaging?

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Kraft paper sleeve - recycling bin.

Clear shipping bag - home compostable. Will safely dissolve in hot water, above 70°c (158°F).

Shipping Boxes - recycling bin.

Essentials Pouch shipping bag - home compostable.

Laptop Sleeve shipping bag - recycling bin.

Want to read more about the packaging used for our eco-conscious travel goods? Click here.






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