OneNine5 FAQ's

How are OneNine5 Eco-conscious? 

  • All of our wash bags are made with a 100% recycled plastic inner lining and a recyclable premium matte outer. 
  • Our magnetically detachable and reusable clear liquid bag is a unique feature that allows us to tackle and reduce the 44.4m single use clear plastic bags given away for free at UK airports every year, that’s a staggering estimated 8.7 billion single-use plastic bags given away every year globally. 
  • All of our packaging is biodegradable, recyclable or made from recycled materials. 
  • In everything we do we try and reduce our impact on the environment; whether its hopping on the bus to a meeting, hand delivering our samples or even working remotely to reduce carbon emissions that affect our planet. 
  • Our re-useable travel bottles allow intrepid travellers to reduce their consumption of single use plastic minis whilst touring the globe.

    What is Vegan Leather? 

    • Vegan Leather is defined as any material that has not been sourced from an animal. When we set about researching what materials we would use for our wash bags we were very clear that we did not agree with the mass amount of leather wash bags on the market. We therefore spent months researching which cruelty free material we should select that was built to last and had a premium finish for our stylish consumers.  

       How does the UK OneNine5 Recycling Scheme work? 

       Make sure the materials from your wash bag and essentials pouches don’t end up in landfill. When the time comes to upgrade your well-used OneNine5 wash bag follow the below steps:

      1. UK customers can freepost back their Eco Wash bag to us by following these stepsWe’ve partnered with TerraCycle to ensure that the materials from our products are recycled or reused. After we’ve received your well-used OneNine5 product, we’ll email you a 15% discount off your next purchase. 
      2. We’ve also partnered with reGAIN App. Download the app and send off your well-used OneNine5 wash bag with other clothes, bags and accessories to recycle. Make the most of this free post scheme for a £10 discount off our eco-conscious wash bag.

       Why have OneNine5 created unisex wash bags? 

      At OneNine5 we were bored of the gender stereotypes on the wash bag or toiletry bag market. A mens toiletry bag is traditionally a black or brown leather sack that is unsightly and is a one compartment basic design. Similarly, female wash bags are typically floral cotton pouches  in a one compartment design. We wanted to change this and so we created unisex luggage that is fit for purpose which we hope will appeal to both male and female travellers looking to explore the globe. 

       Why have OneNine5 created Eco Essentials Pouches? 

      Following months of research and speaking to hundreds of people about what they carry in their daily lives; what became apparent was that most people don't keep all of their essentials such as makeup, tech, cosmetics, keys, wallets, phones, face masks, medication organised and in one place.

      Instead they keep it in lots of different places such as at the bottom of their handbags, in their coat pockets or in their backpacks. That sparked an idea! We set about creating a product that traditionally is classed as a makeup bag/makeup pouch or a tech pouch. We didn't want to create two products (as thats a faff) so instead we worked with our Shoreditch based design team to create a hybrid, versatile product that would cater for tech, makeup and daily essentials called the Essentials Pouch. We've tested and used the essentials pouch and we think its a game changer. So go ahead and organise your chaos!


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