The OneNine5 team inspecting their eco-conscious travel goods at their desk Birdseye image of a OneNine5 grey travel wash bag on a desk
When the time comes


for your well-used OneNine5 travel goods

Did you know that only 20% of plastic is recycled globally? Join us and ensure we don't contribute to this problem.

When the time comes, you can recycle your well used (and hopefully well loved) OneNine5 travel goods.

Follow the steps below and get rewarded.

Step 1

Fill out the information below with your name, email address and the item(s) you’ll be returning to recycle.

Illustration of a OneNine5 customer filling out the return-to-recycle form at a computer
Step 2

Print off the returns form and fill out the required information.

Step 3

Place the returns form and your well-used OneNine5 travel goods into a sealed bag or box.

Illustration of a person packing a well-used OneNine5 wash bag into a box
Illustration of a person applying a shipping label to a box, to return a OneNine5 product
Step 4

Attach the Royal Mail pre-paid label to your parcel and drop this off at your local Post Office.

Step 5

We'll send you an email with a 25% discount code off your next purchase at

Illustration of a person holding holding a trophy with the words 25% off engraved on the front

Return-to-Recycle Scheme FAQ

We’ve teamed up TerraCycle, an industry leader in the UK. We ensure that all materials from the items you return are either reused or recycled.

Yes, of course! It doesn’t matter where you purchased our eco-conscious travel goods from. We will gladly accept all returns to ensure they are recycled or reused.

We can accept any of our textile based products. We can’t accept our Silicone Travel Bottles as part of the Return-to-Recycle scheme.

Right now, we are only able to offer pre-paid shipping to those based in the UK.

If you live outside of the UK and want to return items to, you’ll need to cover the shipping costs. We will still recycle your returned items and provide you with the 25% off discount code for your next purchase.

You will get 25% off all full-priced items. The discount code cannot be applied to items that are already on promotion or our bundles.

Please email so we can follow-up to resolve this.

Please allow up to 7-10 working days for the shipment to arrive and for our team to process this.

If you still haven’t heard from us after this please:

  1. Check incase our email is in your junk/ spam folder
  2. Contact so we can follow-up to resolve this.

We’ve written a blog post here with some other suggestions to ensure your well-used OneNine5 travel goods are recycled.