Woman sitting on hammock at beach working with laptop with palm tree in background with coconuts hanging. Beside her, a OneNine5 13" laptop sleeve.

Meet our new 13-inch Coconut Padded Laptop Sleeve

You can use it to cook, apply it to your skin, or drink it in a Pina Colada...but we’ve used the coconut to do something totally unique. Our newly launched 13-inch Eco-Conscious Laptop Sleeve is a first of its kind, inspired by Mother Nature. Combining the outer fibres from coconuts with natural rubber, along with our signature vegan leather outer - we have created a first of its kind laptop case that will keep you and your device looking your best. Whether you are looking to protect and carry a MacBook, iPad or other laptop, our sleeve will protect against bumps and accidents, on-the-go. 
When coconuts fall from a palm tree they survive the 50-foot drop thanks to the shock absorbing fibres on their outer shell. These coconut fibres are Mother Nature's very own protection for a coconut falling from a tree, which inspired us to use coconut fibres to protect your valuable laptop. Combining those coconut fibres with a small amount of natural rubber, it is an eco-friendly, plastic-free and 100% natural padding to protect your laptop or MacBook on the move.
With over 60 million metric tonnes of coconuts grown each year for the food and beauty industry, the outer husk is often a byproduct that is disposed as waste or burnt for fuel,  releasing unnecessary CO2 into the atmosphere. By repurposing these outer fibres into the eco-friendly padding inside our laptop sleeves, we have turned trash into treasure.
In our commitment to reuse materials and minimise waste across our travel goods, our Coconut Padded Laptop Sleeve is also constructed our signature water resistant vegan leather outer and 100% recycled plastic (rPET) lining. You can learn more about the considered materials we use here.
Birdseye image of the grey OneNine5 Coconut Padded Laptop Sleeve, packaged in a recycled kraft paper sleeve. Above the laptop cases is a coconut and the coconut fibres that are formed into a padding to protect a laptop or MacBook
Whilst we prioritise environmental sustainability in our eco-conscious travel goods, it doesn't mean we sacrifice on functionality. Inside our new 13-inch laptop sleeve, Two considerations provide the practicality you need to stay organised on-the-go.
  1. An internal divider provides separation for your A4 notes or paper. If you need to carry paper documents, they are likely to be important and you need to keep them crease-free.
  2. A dedicated cardholder offer easy access and safekeeping for a standard sized business card, or that debit/ credit card you are forever misplacing.
Male hand placing business card into the business cardholder, inside the grey 13-inch Eco-Conscious Laptop Sleeve
Whether you are back on the daily commute to the office, attending lectures or jetting off on a much needed getaway, keep those essential notes and documents well organised. Our laptop sleeve is designed to carry 13-inch devices like the MacBook Pro 13, MacBook Air 13, iPad Pro, Microsoft Surface Pro plus many others. 
The ultra slim design (only 2cm in thickness) of our Eco-Conscious Laptop Sleeve means the laptop case is light enough to carry on its own or easy to pack inside your backpack, handbag or luggage - to maximise how much you carry.
Take your pick between the four unisex colours, to match your style; Havelock Blue, Komodo Pink, Miho Black or Moeraki Grey.
Female holding the Havelock Blue 13-Inch Eco-Conscious Laptop Sleeve
Designed with durable and premium materials, we want you to carry our Eco-Conscious Laptop sleeve for years to come. Yet we acknowledge that most products will eventually be disposed of and we have got you covered here. Like all our travel goods, we offer a UK free-post Return To Recycle Scheme to ensure that the materials from your well-used (and hopefully well-loved) laptop sleeve are either reused or recycled. When you do this, we'll even provide you with a discount off your next purchase with us.four colours of the laptop sleeve lined up.

You won’t find our Eco-Conscious Laptop Sleeve packed in elaborate or unnecessary packaging. We aim to minimise waste, avoid single-use plastics and make it simple for you to safely dispose or recycle the packaging. You can learn more about our approach to packaging here.

  1. The kraft paper sleeve is made from recycled materials and readily recycled when placed in your home recycling bin.
  2. The clear protective bag is home compostable and water soluble leaving no trace of microplastics or toxins, it is entirely marine safe.
  3. Our shipping bag is made from grass fibres grown in a UK acreage. The grass is fast growing and from a renewable source. Like paper and cardboard, this grass mailing bag is readily recycled when placed in your home recycling bin.
Stacked laptop sleeves showing recyclable feature on sleeve
From palm trees in Asia, to the protective material inside of your laptop sleeve, our coconut fibre padding has already been on a big adventure. We hope you’ll carry this sleeve with you on many more.
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