Illustration of a female at home, packing the Komodo Pink Eco Essentials Pouch into a black backpack.

3 uses for the Eco Essentials Pouch, carry makeup, tech or daily valuables

Ever find yourself searching at the bottom of your bag or backpack trying to find that one lipstick, charging cable or packet of  chewing gum? Well our Eco Essentials Pouch is the answer to organise and carry your daily valuables, when you leave home. We have designed our pouch to suit multiple carry needs, with a slim design and wide clamshell opening, it is easy to pack and just as easy to clutch in one-hand. Whether you are in need of a makeup or cosmetic organiser to stay fresh faced on the move, keeping charged and connected to the world with tech accessories or need a home for those everyday essentials you just can't leave home without - your Eco Essentials Pouch has you covered with endless uses. Here are some of the ways to organise your items for hassle free commutes, travels and everything in-between.

Makeup Organiser 

Why not use our Eco Essentials Pouch as a small cosmetic bag stored inside your bag or backpack? With everything organised, it is easy to touch up your makeup on-the-go. With a load of internal and flexible storage, it is the ideal way to keep your cosmetics or makeup safely stowed. Whether you are carrying cosmetics to the gym, heading out for a day trip with friends or commuting to the office, our everyday pouch will complement your style and is perfect to carry your essential cosmetics and makeup - let's tell you how. 

The pouch has a waterproof zip and water repellent inner lining to ensure that your favourite makeup is safe from spillages. The spacious inside mesh pockets are great for holding bulkier items such as mascara, bronzer and lipstick whilst allowing you to easily see your products through the pocket. The elastic loops can organise makeup brushes, eyeliners and other slim items to stop them rolling around and getting lost. When snug and organised inside, our Eco Essentials Pouch is also handy for compact products that could accidentally flip open on travels, such as mini eyeshadow palettes or powder. Dividers help compartmentalise the internal space, providing you with easy access to items you need quickly such as blotting sheets, creams and sunscreen. The handy zipped pocket works well for holding those small items that may get lost or need extra safekeeping such as hair grips, safety pins and tweezers.

Tech & Wire Pouch

We all know that struggle of wired tech accessories getting tangled at the bottom of our bags, or losing an SD card full of cherished photos, but our Eco Essentials Pouch will ensure you stay untangled and organised on the move. Typically, we each carry upwards of £500 worth of tech on-the-go, so if you are finally heading back to the office, you've got a new home and a place of safekeeping for that essential tech you carry everyday. The mesh pockets are helpful for keeping wires coiled and holding wireless earphones for easy access. Elastic hoops on the inside of the pouch keep you ready for your day with storage for pens, wireless computer accessories and adapters. Whilst the dividers provide clear space for bigger items like a portable power bank. The zip pocket is great for concealing smaller valuables such as SD cards and flash drives. Our pouch will complement your look on the desk in your co-working space, the gym changing room or in your local coffee shop. Take your pick between our four matte colours to look stylish and put together on the move.  

Catch-all For Daily Valuables

With so many different items to pack on your daily ventures, it is hard to find the space that’s adaptable enough to organise it all. With a multipurpose design, our Eco Essentials Pouch is a versatile addition inside your bag or backpack to hold all your daily valuables. The mesh pockets inside are ideal to stow wireless earphones, credit cards, and strips of medicine. The divider in the middle of the pouch is perfect for storing your larger items such as mini perfume/cologne, hand cream and portable power bank. If you always find your pockets crammed with your keys or loose change, the secure zip pocket inside the Eco Essentials Pouch is the solution to keep these valuables safe. For the forgetful ones amongst us, the Essentials Pouch is the place to stow your valuable items that you are always misplacing.