tent pitched in the hills with background of sunset, campfire in foreground.

9 eco friendly essentials for your camping staycation

Sure we can travel abroad again but who doesn't love a staycation camping adventure. If you are heading out into the wilderness to camp (or glamping) in Summer 2023,  we have nine eco-friendly camping gear items that you can take on your trip to make to maximise fun...and practicality.
You might be wondering what equipment you need to pack to enjoy the outdoor life, so lets get ready for the wilderness.
1. The North Face Eco Trail 2 Person Tent.
A great place to start gathering eco-friendly gear for your camping getaway, is a sturdy tent. The North Face Eco Trail Tent is a great option, it is their most sustainable product. Made of 75D 100% Recycled Polyester and durable water repellent finish, it will have you protected for those summer showers and keep plastic out of landfill. The two-person tent is designed to increase ventilation and also maximise space especially for those of you who are tall, the tent is designed so you don’t have to crawl inside. This lightweight spring and summer tent is easy on your back and the environment.
2. Vaude Rotstein 200 Down Sleeping Bag.

Sleeping bags can be uncomfortable and have you shivering all night, but fear not, outdoor gear specialists and eco-friendly company Vaude have you got covered with their ‘Rotstein 200’. The materials are bluesign® certified and all responsibly sourced and manufactured without the use of fluorocarbons. The design itself is heat and volume-optimised, but guarantees you full freedom of movement despite its ‘mummy’ design. It is the ideal sleeping bag for any traveller or hiker, it is lightweight to carry and perfect for summer as well as winter. Vaude also have their ‘Green Shape’ label which further certifies they use environmentally-friendly, functional products made from sustainable materials.

3. Moara Cork Yoga Mat.


Ok, you may not be going on a yoga retreat, but this cork yoga mat doubles up as a great sleeping mat. The mat is anti-slip (even when wet), durable and antimicrobial making it perfect for your outdoor journeys. It cushions your movements and ensure it supports you through your nights rest. If this wasn't enough, the mat is completely biodegradable!  It is packaged in a fully recyclable tube with zero waste. To make your staycation easier, there is also a free carrier strap that also works as a stretch belt to help you carry and pack your mat. As well as the eco-friendly materials, Moara also donate a percentage of each sale to Ocean Generation through the Work for Good network. 

4. The Greenfield Collection Eco-Friendly Caro Camping Chair.

A folding chair is a must on your camping staycation, and we have the ultimate eco-friendly and comfortable picnic chair that is sure to have you sitting pretty. The Greenfield Collection Bel Sol Eco-Friendly Caro Camping Chair is the ultimate chair for those like to travel and travel light. Only weighing 2.88kg, it is lightweight and can be folded to become smaller making it efficient for travel.  The Greenfield Collection make all of their folding chairs from recycled polyester (RPET), which is obtained from plastic bottles. The company prioritises environmental sustainability with a responsible production process. If all that wasn't enough, the outdoorsy leaf design will have you blending into your scenery like a camping pro.

5. BioLite CampStove 2+.

Imagine a device that allows you to cook your food and charge your devices at the same time? Well we have the answer with the ‘BioLite Campstove 2+’. No need for gas canisters, just burn sticks, wood scraps and pellets around you to create smokeless flames and electricity. Being small and easy to pack, this is a camping trip essential. As well providing heat, electricity and of course food, this handy device also has ‘ChromaReal LED technology’ to help light surroundings. BioLite have a mission to harness surrounding energy to help our daily lives. Open fire cooking releases significant amounts of CO2 and produces 25% of global black carbon emissions, therefore BioLite products aim to reduce smoke by 90% and use less than 50% of wood. 

6. OneNine5 Travel Wash Bag.

We couldn’t write this and not include our very own eco-Conscious travel wash bag! It has the ideal designs and features for your staycation this summer. Made with 100% recycled plastic lining, cruelty-free vegan leather and eco-friendly packaging biodegradable. The toiletry bag is super practical for camping trips, with a reusable clear liquid bag to eliminate spillages and multiple compartments to take whatever you need. Our customers love the concealed hanging hook for easy access in small spaces, whilst the wash bag keeps your toiletries and cosmetics off the floor in public spaces on the campsite, you won’t regret taking this sleek wash bag along with you.  A premium eco wash bag for the modern traveller, this will have you looking stylish and sleek whilst protecting the environment. 

7. WildBounds Snow Peak Tableware Set

Eating made easy with this set of stainless-steel tableware set. The four different sized dishes are made from 0.4 mm thick stainless steel yet they are lightweight, rust-resistant and durable, eliminating the one-time use of plastic plates. With so many different sizes, WildBounds makes it easy with a mesh storage bag and to help carry and store your stackable dishes. WildBounds products are manufactured use sustainably sourced materials to. You can read more about their Eco Credentials here.

8. Wild & Stone Reusable Bamboo Picnic Cutlery Set.

To accompany your dinnerware, get your hands on the Bamboo cutlery set by ‘Wild & Stone’.  This stylish cutlery stylish features everything you need, including a straw and brush cleaner. Wrapped in a cloth bag, it is lightweight and will keep your cutlery clean and organised. We all know the threats of single-use plastic to marine life, so reusable travel cutlery is the perfect alternative. The Bamboo used for the utensils is durable and plastic-free and BPA- free. The cutlery is biodegradable and great for camping trips and outdoor staycations. Priced at only £10.50 for a whole set, it’s sure to come in handy!

9. @BAMBUU® The Hydration Bundle.

Quench your thirst with this bundle by eco-conscious company ‘Bambuu’. Featuring a water bottle, coffee mug and reusable straws made from Bamboo or Stainless Steel, you are sorted for any occasion. Bambuu give back with 10% of every sale supporting environmental projects partnered with ‘Humanitas’ charity. To really boost their eco credentials, Bambuu also run an education program for children focused on plastic pollution, clean up Ocean-Bound plastics and offset emissions quarterly - we will take one bundle please! Practically, this bundle will provide you everything you need on your staycation, the thermos technology keeps your beverages hot or cold.
Camping is a load of fun and a great way to enjoy a little downtime if you cannot travel abroad. When venturing out, it is important to buy the correct gear to assist you on your getaways. Purchasing sustainable gear is a great way to give back and do a little something for the environment, there are a lot of great alternatives and these items not only look good, they will do good. Now get out there and be at one with nature!