A birds-eye image of the OneNine5 wash bags in their recyclable kraft paper sleeves, next to an open and brand OneNine5 shipping box A close-up of an open and brand OneNine5 shipping box, with the logo, slogan and recycled icon visible
eco efforts

Planet friendly packaging

When it comes to the packaging, we keep things simple. You won’t find our eco travel goods packed in elaborate gift packs or unnecessary filler. We aim to minimise waste, avoid single-use plastics and make it simple for you to safely dispose or recycle the packaging.

Kraft paper packaging

If you have our line-up of eco travel goods you have probably figured that we are a big fan of kraft paper, which we use for the packaging sleeve for the wash bag, laptop sleeve and everyday pouch.

Kraft paper is a non-toxic and plastic-free material that doesn’t require the harsh bleaching that you might expect with other paper packaging. Our kraft paper is made from recycled materials and it is readily recycled when placed in your home recycling bin.

A close-up view of the Eco-Conscious Wash Bag, kraft paper packaging and the recycling message
A Moeraki Grey OneNine5 wash bag packed inside a clear Aquapak polybag
Aquapak poly bags

The polybag has become a necessary evil in the world of online shopping. These virgin plastic bags are particularly problematic in the fashion industry, if you’ve ever bought an item of clothing online, we’d guess it arrived in a single-use clear bag that you disposed of straight away? It is estimated that hundreds of billions of these virgin LDPE (low density polyethylene) bags are produced for the fashion industry every year and we do not want to be part of this problem.

We are proud to be one of the first UK eCommerce brands to package our travel goods in Aquapak’s home compostable and water soluble polybags. They look and feel like plastic but place this clear bag into hot water (above 70°c), and it dissolves, leaving no trace of microplastics or toxins. It is entirely marine safe. You can even use this home compostable bag as a liner in your food waste bin at home.

Shipping boxes

When you purchase one of our Eco-Conscious Wash Bags, it is shipped in a box made from 100% recycled paper. There is no unnecessary plastic coating lining this box, you can confidently recycle this box in your home recycling bin.

Birds-eye view of a Havelock Blue and Moeraki Grey Eco-Conscious Wash Bags on a desk. With an open, branded shipping box and technical drawings of the wash bag
A Miho Black Laptop sleeve, with kraft paper packaging poking out the top of a OneNine5 branded grass mailer bag
Laptop sleeve grass mailer

When you purchase an Eco Laptop Sleeve, it's shipped to you in a plastic-free, grass mailer. We opted for this because it's an even greener option than paper.

It has the same life span as standard paper, whilst production requires significantly less water, energy and chemicals. That's not all, the grass used to produce this mailer is fast growing and from a renewable UK acreage. They're fully recyclable in your home waste bins.