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Reef friendly SPF's we're packing inside our wash bag, this Summer

Sure it's not even Summer yet but we’ve already started planning our next trip abroad for Summer 2023. To help you to stay safe in the sun, here's five reef-friendly SPFs that we are packing in our Eco-Conscious Wash Bag.

Why is chemical SPF unsafe?

Nasty chemicals in some sunscreens are contributing to coral bleaching. We want to be kind to our oceans, so check the back of your bottle before you buy. If your sunscreen contains two ingredients - oxybenzone and octinoxate - then give it the swerve and choose one of these instead.

Green People 'Sun Cream SPF 30'
  • Type: Mineral. 
  • Price: £25 for 200ml.


This is a great option for an all-round sunscreen for the family. Not only is this sunscreen eco-conscious and reef-safe, it only uses natural ingredients such as green tea, aloe vera and edelweiss to protect and moisturise your skin. It’s also kind to sensitive skin, which means it’s great for kids and babies too. 

Green People are cruelty free and use plant-based packaging which is full recyclable, gaining them extra eco points from us! It’s broad spectrum as well, meaning it protects you from both UVA and UVB rays. If that wasn’t enough, it’s also fragrance and white-cast free so can be worn on its own or under makeup.
Tropic 'Great Barrier Sun Cream'
  • Type: Hybrid (both chemical and mineral).
  • Price: £28 for 200ml.
This sunscreen contains both chemical and mineral filters (read more about the differences at the bottom of this page). But the extensive research done show the chemical filters are reef safe and it’s even received the land and sea certificate stamp of approval
We also love that it’s non-greasy and water-resistant, meaning it’s easy to apply. Tropic Skincare do a heap for the environment and their customers so definitely check out their Environmental Reporton their website to see all the ways they recycle and protect. The sunscreen is SPF 50 and is made of natural ingredients which create a creamy vanilla ice cream scent - that sounds like a win win to us!


ALTRUIST ‘Sunscreen SPF30’
  • Type: Mineral.
  • Price: £4.50 for 200ml.

This broad spectrum mineral sunscreen is the whole package. It’s a great price at £4.50 for a whole 200ml, but most importantly it’s also cruelty free, reef friendly and suitable for vegans. The sunscreen comes in SPF 30 and 50 and has a five star ultra UVA rating, believe us, you’re going to be protected from everything!

This non-sticky, hypoallergenic sunscreen is made for practicality and does what it says on the tube - it protects. Altruist aim to reduce the occurrence of skin cancer and raise awareness on albinism, by supporting charities to help children in Africa who have this genetic condition.


Jason 'Facial Sunscreen'
  • Type: Chemical (Oxybenzone and octinoxate free).
  • Price: £12.99 for 128ml.


This sunscreen comes in SPF 20, 30 and 45 and is ultra sheer. It doesn’t leave skin chalky and is perfect for application under makeup and everyday use. For those who react badly to sunscreen, this is perfect for you as it is hypoallergenic, oil-free and contains natural specially selected antioxidants, such as grape seed and green tea extract. The bottle packaging is also biodegradable and JASON has a code of honour to always create safe, wholesome, and effective products. It’s a yes from us!


Sun Bum 'Sunscreen SPF 50'
  • Type: Chemical (Oxybenzone and octinoxate free).
  • Price: £12.99 for 128ml. 

Sunbum are a company that prioritise family safety in the sun. This strong, broad spectrum and moisturising SPF is ideal whether you're in the sun all day or just popping out. Like the other sunscreens, it is cruelty free and although a chemical sunscreen, it is Oxybenzone and Octinoxate free, so it is safe for our reefs and our oceans. 
The lotion is oil free and hypoallergenic, meaning it’ll leave your skin feeling nice and soft. At a mid-range price of £18.00, it is not going to break the bank and you get 237ml which should last you. If that’s not enough, this sunscreen smells great - it’s basically summer in a bottle.


ready for lift off...

Now you can feel confident that you can go out there and enjoy the summer ahead without damaging the environment with the sunscreen you use. Which one are you packing inside our  Eco-Conscious Wash Bag?


PS - don’t sweat the small stuff...
If you’re confused about mineral and chemical sunscreens it’s really simple. In short, chemical sunscreens are absorbed into the skin and convert the UV rays into heat. Where we have included chemical SPFs above, they are reef friendly and don’t contain any harsh chemicals. 
Mineral sunscreens sit on top of the skin and reflect the UV rays - it is really dependant on your skin type and what works best for you. Be sure to always do your research, but don’t worry we’ve got you covered (pun intended) with both types.