Illustration of whale watchers and an Orca Whale breaching the water

5 positive actions you can take on world whale day

If you hadn't guessed from our logo, we're big fans of these big ocean roamers. There's no better time than World Whale Day to celebrate these majestic mammals and champion five positive steps we can all take to protect whales and their ocean environment . Before we get to that, it might be the first time you've heard about World Whale Day, so let us explain more...

When is World Whale Day?

World Whale Day falls annually on the third Sunday in February, which was 16th February in 2024. In 2025, World Whale Day will fall on February 16th.

What is World Whale Day?

It's a chance for us to show some appreciation and celebrate these incredible animals. More importantly, it's a time to consider how we can collectively take positive action and promote whale conversation.

5 positive actions we can take on World Whale Day

We all know the impact that plastic is having on our oceans and the wildlife that call it their home. What else can we do to protect whales, here's our top 5 suggestions.

🐋 Adopt a whale & donate to WDC.

Adopting a humpback whale with Whale and Dolphin Conservation is an amazing way to show your love for these extraordinary individuals. All proceeds go to the protection of whales and dolphins around the world and the conservation of the habitat in which they live. With your symbolic adoption you'll receive a fabulous welcome pack and regular updates about your adopted whale. A perfect gift for all ages.

Did you know we've teamed up with WDC to created a limited edition version of our Eco Essentials Pouch? For each purchase, we donate 20% from your purchase to support WDC's vision of a world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free.

🐋 Pass on the single-use plastic bag.

Most of us have switched to the 'bag for life' at supermarkets and it's with good reason. If you were in any doubt about the need to ditch single-use plastic bags, the story of the 'Plastic Whale' in Norway or sperm whale in Thailand should be a timely reminder. 

In the case of the Cuvier's beaked whale in Norway it had mistaken so many bags for food that its stomach was stuffed with plastic. Whilst the sperm whale in Thailand died after ingesting over 80 plastic bags.

🐋 If you go whale watching, ensure it's with a responsible company.

We've been fortunate enough to go whale watching off the coast of Vancouver, Canada in the Strait of Georgia and it's an amazing experience. It's an opportunity to witness whales in their natural habitat and to learn about their environment.

Before you commit to a whale watching trip, do your research to understand if that company abide by local whale watching policies, are they affiliated to a research and conservation association and do they provide a knowledgeable and experienced team onboard who put Whales and their habitat first.

🐋 Apply international pressure to ban commercial whaling

Commercial whaling was banned in 1986 but it still goes ahead in nations like Faroe Islands, Japan, Iceland & Norway.

The International Whaling Committee is a global body doing amazing work to regulate the whaling industry and monitor the conservation of whale stocks. Where you see petitions for your own government to apply pressure for a total ban on whaling, get behind it!

🐋 Learn more with these documentaries

It feels like we've completed Netflix by this third lockdown in the UK. If you're like us and in need of some ideas for lockdown TV, here's some inspiration:

  • Docufilm Blackfish (available on Netflix), which explores the tragic consequences of keeping orca whales captive at SeaWorld in Florida.
  • Documentary The Whale Hunters, Stacey Dooley Investigates (available on BBC iPlayer in the UK). If you're wondering why we support a global ban on commercial whaling, Stacey Dooley explores this cruel and barbaric industry.
  • Documentary Our Planet, Episode: Coastal Seas (available on Netflix). Whilst this episode doesn't just focus on whales there's a fantastic piece on humpback whales and reminder of just how intelligent this beautiful animals are.