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The 5 best travel apps to download for your 2023 Summer holiday

The Summer holidays are here, and we've got your back with the top 5 must download apps before you jet off. From seamless language translations to hassle-free luggage storage, discover the tools that'll take your adventures to a whole new level.

If you are a tech-savvy traveller and need a place of safekeeping for your latest tech upgrades or trying to keep cables organised - don't jet off without our Eco Essentials Pouch.


1. Airalo 📲 

Available: iOS and Android

If you love traveling as much as we do, you have to check out Airalo! It's the ultimate travel companion to stay connected on-the-go. Exploring a new country or city without any data can be challenging. Say goodbye to SIM card hassles or that queue at the airport to buy a local SIM card, so you stay connected and stress-free on your adventures.

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2. Google Translate 🗣️

Available: iOS and Android

Before you takeoff on your globetrotting escapades, Google Translate app is a must! It's your language superhero, breaking down barriers with real-time translations in 100+ languages. Don't be shy and give a new language a go to connect with locals.

Top tip: make sure to download the language to your phone, before you jet off to save on data charges.

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3. Stasher Luggage Storage 🧳

Available: iOS and Android

It is time to lighten that travel load with the Stasher Luggage Storage app. There's few things more annoying than dragging around your suitcase or bag when you can't check-in to your accommodation, or you've checked out and want to carry on exploring before your flight.

With Stasher you can store your bags safely at local shops, freeing you to roam baggage-free. It's the secret to hassle-free adventures - no heavy bags, just happy travels!

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4. Been Travel Map 🗺️

Available: iOS and Android

With 195 countries out there to explore, get ready to capture memories like a pro with the Been Travel Map app! You can track and showcase your travel journey with pins on an interactive map.

However, here's the real reason we think Been is super useful. If you have ever applied for a visa to visit a new country, you know it can be a painful process. If you need to list all the previous countries you've visited, Been is a really helpful way to keep a track of dates.

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5. Viator 🎟️

Available: iOS and Android

If you're a last minute planner but still want to see and experience the most unique things to do, the Viator app is your ultimate travel sidekick. Discover epic tours, skip-the-line tickets, and unique experiences worldwide. Unleash your inner explorer, make memories, and embrace the journey of a lifetime.

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