OneNine5 Wash Bag FAQ's

What materials are the OneNine5 wash bags made from? 

  • Outer: Premium, Water resistant Polyurethane (PU leather) aka Vegan Leather 
  • Zips: Premium water-resistant aqua guard zippers 
  • Inner lining: 100% recycled polyester (rPET) 
  • Reusable TSA Approved Toiletry Clear Liquids Bag: PVC (as required by Airport Security) 

What is Vegan Leather? 

  • Vegan Leather is defined as any material that has not been sourced from an animal. When we set about researching what materials we would use for our wash bags we were very clear that we did not agree with the mass amount of leather wash bags on the market. We therefore spent months researching which cruelty free material we should select that was built to last and had a premium finish for our stylish consumers.  

What are the measurements of the OneNine5 Eco-Conscious wash bag? 

  • Our premium unisex wash bag has been created with the requirements of the modern traveller in mind.  
  • The dimensions of the outer wash bag are (H x L x W): 18 x 23 x 7cm (2.9 Litre volume) 
  • The dimensions of the TSA approved clear liquid toiletry bag are (H x L x W): 16 x 22 x 3cm (1 Litre volume) 

     Will the reusable, detachable clear toiletry bag in the Eco-Conscious Wash bag be allowed through airport security? 

    • The detachable clear liquids toiletry bag is TSA approved and adheres to airport security guidelines globally. We have tested this on many flights all over the world and have never had an issue using this. If you do experience an issue, please do let us know so we can tackle this issue together and approach any non-conforming airports or grumpy airport security staff to help reduce single use plastics in airports across the globe.  

    Does the OneNine5 Eco-Conscious Wash bag have a hanging hook? 

    • Yes! This was one of our crucial design elements which is concealed in the outer back pocket, to allow the wash bag to be hung up in the gym, on the bathroom door or even in a more adventurous setting (on a tree branch whilst camping).  

    How much weight can the OneNine5 Eco-Conscious Wash Bag hold whilst hanging? 

    • We have tested the wash bag hanging hook up to a weight of 5kg (should you have that many toiletries).  

    Is the Vegan Leather wash bag waterproof? 

    • The recycled rPET Inner lining is waterproof, allowing you to remove those nasty toothpaste or makeup stains easily with a quick wipe. 
    • The Outer is water-resistant to ensure your toiletries are protected from shower spray or even a stray splash from the sink basin. But be warned, do not submerge the wash bag as that will not end well.  

       Why have OneNine5 created unisex wash bags? 

      At OneNine5 we were bored of the gender stereotypes on the wash bag or toiletry bag market. A mens toiletry bag is traditionally a black or brown leather sack that is unsightly and is a one compartment basic design. Similarly, female wash bags are typically floral cotton pouches  in a one compartment design. We wanted to change this and so we created unisex luggage that is fit for purpose which we hope will appeal to both male and female travellers looking to explore the globe. 


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